Emily Ryu

Emily Ryu

Emily is a certified holistic health coach, recipe developer, and founder of the female-run digital marketing agency Ryu Creative. We are constantly inspired by her passion for wellness and her holistic approach to health.

1. What do you do?

I run a digital marketing agency called RyuCreative. We promote fashion and wellness brands through social, press, and events. Our goal is to build media and consumer awareness and we often discuss how to drive more traffic to their sites by sharing the cool things they are doing.

With Ryupure, I’m pretty much doing the same thing but it’s my own brand. I love developing recipes from childhood favorites and putting my own twist to them and making them slightly healthier. I absolutely love my community and I’m in constant communication with my followers.


2. What brings you joy?

Since quarantine things that bring me joy have been re-evaluated. The small things like my daily green juice, being able to walk around my neighborhood with amazing views, time spent with my family and friends, and trips to the Farmer’s Market brings me so much joy. I have endless gratitude for all the things I so easily took for granted without ever being conscious of it.


3. What are some of your hobbies and passions?

Besides my passion for all things wellness, I love traveling. My favorite place to travel to is Italy. I just love the simple act of walking the magical streets there and seeing all the beauty. People there really enjoy life and it’s refreshing to be around a society that seems so care-free. My husband and I usually have crazy schedules so whenever we travel we get that uninterrupted time together so that’s also very special.


4. What is your favorite form of self-care?

Sticking to my daily rituals. Happiness doesn’t happen by chance — it happens by choice. It’s a skill that anyone can develop with the right habits. I choose to stick to my routine and daily habits everyday because it has become a part of me, of my identity. My daily habits consist of meditation in the morning, green juice, 10k steps a day, stretching, skincare regime, and vitamins.


5. What is authenticity to you?

Authenticity is about presence, living in the moment with conviction and staying true to yourself. There’s never any doubt or questioning the integrity of an authentic individual. You know what you’re going to get. It’s when people see something that reminds them of you and say, “that is so you.


6. How would you define your style?

One part minimal, one part casual but still dressy, one part parisian influenced, dipped in statement vintage gold jewelry.


7. Why are you excited to join Authentic Beauty Concept?

It’s more than just amazing product and packaging. Authentic Beauty is aligned with my values. When I partner with a brand I look beyond the product and I’m proud to say that Authentic Beauty believes in eliminating
race-based discrimination and ensure health and well-being of all persons.


8. What is your favorite product(s) from Authentic Beauty Concept?

The entire hydrate line. I’ve been using it for 9 months now and it makes my hair glow! 

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