Celebrating the Authentic Beauty Movement

Celebrating the Authentic Beauty Movement

What does authentic mean? Find out about the new brand, a unique movement and its beliefs during a unique crafted experience


Welcome to the Authentic Beauty Movement. Experience it with all senses. Step into the airy Berlin loft and see the bright, predominantly white space dotted with beautiful plants, wooden tables, knitted poofs, and the pastel colours of Authentic Beauty Concept. Feel the texture of the new products, smell the signature scents, taste the welcome drinks made with key ingredients used in the formulas, and meet the creators and advocates behind the movement.

That was the essence of the invitation to participate in the launch of the Authentic Beauty Concept and the #authenticbeautymovement

Die authentische Welt von Authentic Beauty Concept

More than 100 guests – press and influencers – followed the invitation to join the movement and discover the meaning behind the new haircare and styling brand, its beliefs and products. First, they were guided through four experience areas based on the pillars of Authentic Beauty Concept, which reflect the shared values of the #authenticbeautymovement in its manifesto.

The Pure Formulas area was all about senses: touching the formulas’ textures, smelling the pure scents developed by a fragrance house, and seeing the different steps of extraction of the key ingredients’ essences through ultrasound extraction and steam distillation. The fact that consumers are redefining codes of consumption and beauty is leading to a change of consumption behavior. The pure, free from, carefully selected vegan formulas used in Authentic Beauty Concept are crafted as a response to this new now and were displayed and discussed at the event. It was also an occasion to discover the minimalistic and premium in-salon material, which was inspired by Scandinavian design and developed to support the salon client’s experience. 

In-salon clients want to disconnect through a mindful experience – the Memento – a moment worth remembering. How to do the consultation with the client, how to mix the essence to the mask and the caring moves to make the most of the treatment were presented. The guests were also invited to experience the power of disconnection by joining a meditation session. Impressive simple tools such as blindfolds and sound-cancelling earplugs were used to make the experience of escaping hectic urban life dazzling. 

Afterwards, Hester Wernert-Rijn and Linda Shalabi shared their vision and skills on how to create perfectly (im)perfect styles using Authentic Beauty Concept styling products. Natural individual looks, textured styles for fashion shows, editorial looks and everyday salon styles were demonstrated on four models as their interpretation for authentic hair. As seeing is believing, of course everybody had the chance to try the styling products and receive expert tips.

The No-Filter attitude station was led by Said Rubaii and Ismérie. They explained why they joined the unique curated community #authenticbeautymovement. With the mindset of “just be yourself,” they demonstrated how raw no-filter aesthetic aligns with their own philosophy, in their personal lives and their own salons. “It’s our individuality and character that gives us beauty. Honesty is attractive.” Authentic Beauty Concept connects like-minded people from different fields and encourages others to share their stories and values in an inspiring conversation. Those recorded open discussions were displayed in the video experience booth. 

Thus, immersed in the world of Authentic Beauty Concept, it was time for everyone to join the movement by getting creative, exchanging ideas, learning new skills and crafting beautiful things. 

Sharing skills is an essential part of this arts and crafts movement
Sharing skills in the creative workshops


Along with the advocates, selected creatives and influencers were among the first to join the Authentic Beauty Movement. Their unique perspective on art, beauty, fashion, lifestyle and culture made each of them a great fit with the beliefs of the movement.

To add to the mindful and relaxed ambience, Jessica Skye kicked things off with a blissful yoga lesson. It served as an invigorating exercise for the exciting all-day event. Afterwards, the freshly relaxed and energised guests got their creative juices flowing in a mood board workshop by Yanina Trapachka. The Polish fashion editor and agency owner is an expert in creating and implementing an original brand, be it for a personal project or a professional one. Another workshop took place with London-based fashion photographer Ina Lekiewicz, who spoke about how she created a truly unique and authentic project – her own fashion magazine Unfiltered. Christine Friberg then shone a light on different authentic fashion skills. The Swedish fashion stylist explained how to build a capsule wardrobe based on a personal signature style.

Igor Josifovic spoke to a group of eager listeners about his passion for authentic interiors populated with plants. Surrounded by plants and the pure ingredients of Authentic Beauty Concept, he explained how to integrate natural elements into designs to bring a personal space to life and how it can bring us back to reality, “I like to be surrounded by plants, they remind of the imperfection that is beautiful in nature.” Astrid Eudeline ran a playful workshop with a minimalistic paper art DIY project – the results of which added extra splashes of soft pastel colours highlighting the beautiful design of Authentic Beauty Concept products.  

Christine Friberg and Jessica Skye set the party on fire with their amazing DJ skills
Be authentic – dance like no one’s watching!

As the launch of the Authentic Beauty Concept brand inspired even more people to join the #authenticbeautymovement, there was only one thing left to do: Celebrate the new haircare and styling brand, its unique philosophy, its clean minimalist craftsmanship and the inspiring movement behind it. Cover band, Cannibal Koffer, played some hip-moving hits while Jessica Skye and Christine Friberg, who had already shared insights and skills from their day jobs during their workshop sessions, spun tunes that got more guests on the dance floor – and provided proof that there is no better way to be authentic than by dancing like no one’s watching!

The world of Authentic Beauty Concept was celebrated at the launch event in Berlin. Meet the guests, advocates and influencers who are part of this haircare and styling brand’s movement. Join the #authenticbeautymovement