Express Yourself - What makes someone beautiful?

Express Yourself - What makes someone beautiful?

Six members of the Authentic Beauty Movement share their take on how to look beautiful – and feel great

Christine Friberg, a picture of style and empowerment
What makes someone beautiful – according to Christine Friberg: Gothenburg based stylist, DJ and club promoter 


As a fashion stylist and street style star, Christine Friberg knows a thing or two about how to look beautiful – and how to make others feel beautiful. As Christine is also a DJ and club promoter focused on highlighting female DJs and striving for gender equality in the music scene, she knows that embracing individual differences is what truly makes someone beautiful. In Christine’s words, “Beauty is a light that comes from within – it becomes visible when you feel good and are happy in yourself. It’s not about being flawless, styled or perfect. Imperfection is what makes us unique. Small flaws make us stand out – and that makes us human.”

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How to look and feel beautiful according to Yanina Trapachka
What makes someone beautiful? – according to Yanina Trapachka: Warsaw based fashion editor 

Yanina Trapachka also deals with beauty, in the broadest sense of the word, professionally. As the fashion editor of a Polish magazine about lifestyle, beauty, culture, design and travel, she curates things of beauty on a daily basis. Although she surrounds herself with classic design objects and sartorial style, her advice on how to look beautiful runs deeper. “What makes someone beautiful is accepting and loving yourself,” she declares. “It’s about feeling comfortable in your own body, believing in your power, and following your life goals. It’s about doing what makes you smile and choosing what is best for you. Simply, it’s all about you!” Yanina lives by these words. As she runs one of the most popular Polish Instagram accounts, she attributes her success to her authentic approach. Although her Instagram feed looks pretty flawless, she lets us in on a little secret, stating, “No one is perfect, but every imperfection can be turned into an asset.”

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Igor Josifovic appreciates the beauty of individual differences
What makes someone beautiful? – according to Igor Josifovic: Munich based social media manager, blogger and book author


Igor Josifovic has very sincere thoughts on what makes someone beautiful. “Beauty is something that is forged by love, passion, creativity and soul,” he tells us. “It is something truly authentic and personal. I am a firm believer in the beauty within all of us. This beauty is to be found in everyone and it expresses itself in many ways.” True to his personal brand of genuine beauty, expressed by the plush plant life in his interior designs, Igor likes to keep his own look natural, too. 

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Jessica Skye loves individual differences
What makes someone beautiful? – according to Jessica Skye: London based DJ and Producer, Founder of Fat Buddha Yoga, creative and contributor.


For Jessica Skye, beauty is “natural and raw. It takes an infinite number of forms.” On a deeper level, it comes in the shape of her yoga practice, the connection she forges with students in her Fat Buddha Yoga studio and the vibes she creates on the dancefloor as a DJ. On a more obvious level, it comes in the shape of the goodies that help participants in her yoga retreats look as good on the outside as they feel inside. “Experience is so important, and you can’t make a first impression twice. We’re about impact, so when a guest enters their room, and finds it all set up with a gift waiting for them, the trip always starts on a high.”

See how Jessica Skye finds authentic beauty in yoga, music and travel. 

Ina Lekievicz works towards changing how health and beauty is perceived
What makes someone beautiful? – according to Ina Lekievicz: London based fashion photographer and founder of Unpolished magazine

As Ina Lekievicz has worked in the fashion industry for over a decade, she has seen many beautiful models be heavily and unnecessarily retouched. It was motivation for her to see a change in the industry and to especially give a different angle on how to look beautiful. For Ina, beauty is “being authentic and honest, following your own passions and being yourself. People who are happy and beautiful inside are most beautiful outside. Beauty is not something you can copy or fake. I find being unique is most beautiful.” Ina understandably has very strong thoughts on what makes someone beautiful as she has seen how unrealistic beauty is presented to the public.

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Just like Astrid’s creative work, Astrid is a creative thinker in how to look beautiful
What makes someone beautiful? – according to Astrid Eudeline: Biarritz based Paper Artist and Stop Motion maker.

Astrid is a wonderful, multitalented artist who also shares a delightful view on what defines beauty in a person. For Astrid, beauty is all about “self-acceptance, passion, self-love, confidence, happiness, joy, creativity, culture and everything which shows the natural and authentic beauty of each individual.” Interestingly, Astrid’s description on what makes someone beautiful could also describe her quirky and creative art. Happiness, joy and creativity radiate from her stop motion work and paper art; while passion, self-love and confidence dazzle through her bold outfits. It’s no wonder she brings inspiration to all of her followers. She’s a true leader on how to look beautiful through individual differences. 

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What makes someone beautiful? We asked six members of the #authenticbeautymovement for their take on authenticity