My Art: Astrid Eudeline

My Art: Astrid Eudeline

Inside the colourful creative craft of the French paper artist

Astrid Eudeline finds inspiration for her creative craft all around
Astrid Eudeline’s creative art and paper craft


Astrid Eudeline is a French DIY blogger, fashion stylist, stop-motion animation maker, paper artist and author. Basically, she’s an incredible artist. While folding and gluing geometric 3-D decorations out of colourful sheets of paper may sound like child’s play – both literally and figuratively – but in the hands of the French paper artist, it becomes a creative craft. The petite multitalent is also an artist in several other mediums, but her affinity with one of the simplest materials available – paper – is what makes her an active part in the #authenticbeautymovement. 

Inspired by the pastel brand’s colours and the minimalism of both the packaging and the ingredients, she decided to create simple shapes that come to life when displayed in clusters or filled with dried flowers, everyday objects and decorative knickknacks. Special software allows her to translate concepts and ideas into perforations on a one-dimensional page, which are transformed into three-dimensional objects with little more than a bit of glue – and the work of her own two hands.

It’s a wonderfully simple creative craft, a talent that arose from a lack of a different creative talent, as Astrid told us. “I love playing with colours and creating beautiful objects. I’m so frustrated I can’t draw well, so the paper art helps me to express myself and make the images I have in my head a reality. Plus, it has taught me patience.”

Astrid Eudeline’s woodwork brand Little Anana – a creative craft using a different material
What inspires Astrid Eudeline’s craft + paper art projects?

Astrid lives in the South of France, “surrounded by the mountains and the ocean”, as she describes it, adding, “Everything around me inspires me. I’m always looking around and taking pictures of things that I like and that can inspire me when I need a creative kick or feel like finding new ideas.” Although she is a perfectionist, she appreciates the potential beauty of small flaws. “I don’t like imperfection in my work, but I do love imperfection in people. It shows the reality of life. Life is not perfect, and that’s just fine.”

“Life is not perfect, and that’s just fine.” Celebrate the beauty of an imperfect life with Astrid Eudeline’s creative paper art! @astrideudeline