My City Insights: Yanina Trapachka on Warsaw

My City Insights: Yanina Trapachka on Warsaw

The Polish fashion editor and agency owner shows us her city

Yanina Trapachka’s pure fashions
Yanina Trapachka’s stylish black and white canvas

Inspiration isn’t something that Yanina Trapachka has to search for – it is all around in her daily life in Warsaw. She tells us, “When I cross one of the most beautiful bridges of the city in the morning and see the urban landscape waking up to the morning light, that’s just the first of many moments that inspire me to create.”

Yanina Trapachka is a Polish fashion editor and agency owner. She describes herself as first and foremost a “creative mind.” Yanina is known and followed for her premium but pure fashion sensibility, often in reduced monochrome shades. The meticulously curated black and white canvas she creates across her Instagram is proof to her ability to find beauty in everything. To Yanina, that search begins with “something intangible, an absolute value that comes from inside, part of a character. Beauty results from the impression that a person, situation or object leaves on me. It is a very deep experience and it does not have to follow any rules, because it goes beyond them.” Once Yanina has captured her photos, she says, “I save these images on Instagram and Pinterest and later connect the moment of the images in one creative mood board.”

We asked Yanina to take us on a tour of Warsaw and experienced the city through her rose-tinted glasses.

Even the office stairs can serve as a black and white canvas
A day in Warsaw

If, like Yanina, you want to capture the city’s beautiful history, multifaceted heritage and pure fashions for your Instagram account, be sure to check out her recommendations: 

Breakfast and lunch: “Start your day with breakfast at Sam Powiśle, Stor Café on Tamka Street or Krem Café on Śniadeckich Street. Take a walk through the Old Town of Warsaw and go for lunch at La Sirena, the best Mexican food in town.” 

Urban favourite: Yanina’s favourite area is Śródmieście because of its “cute streets, flower sellers, small cafés and delicious bakeries” as she puts it. The centrally located district is also home to the place where she gets her daily coffee fix: “Między Nami Café is my favourite place in the city – after my apartment and my office.”

Sightsee and take a stroll: “In the afternoon, head to Śródmieście and visit Mysia 3, a concept store with a gallery on the top floor. The following streets are also amazing to walk through: Poznańska, Mokotowska and Krucza streets. Otherwise Neon Museu is always a must.”

Dinner and drinks: “The best dinner spot is Regina Bar, where Italian cuisine meets Chinese cuisine – General Tso Chicken is my favourite. Wind down with a drink at Wozownia Bar and Weles – they are located very close to each other, so try to visit both. Or go to Weles Bar.”

Między Nami Café in Warsaw
Top Warsaw Travel Tips

Where to stay: Autor Rooms Hotel – Yanina describes it as a “beautiful, Parisian-style city pad”

Autor Rooms Hotel in Warsaw

Where to eat: As well as the places mentioned above, Yanina has even more fantastic recommendations: “have breakfast at Charlotte and lunch at either Veg Deli, Bibenda or Dziurka od Klucza.” There’s always time for a few sweet treats, so make sure to check out Lukullus on Chmielna Street. And to finish off with a delicious dinner, Yanina recommends Der Elefant and Opasły Tom. 

Breakfast at Charlotte in Warsaw

Where to shop: “A visit to Galilu on Koszykowa is an absolute must, with a great selection of cosmetics and perfumes.”

Beauty hotspot: “Nail & Beauty Bar on Mokotowska Street is in a great location, just on a crossroads, and I love to sit near the window to look at the people on the street.”

Yanina Trapachka @diaryofdays shows us the authentic beauty of Warsaw as an everyday woman in love with her beautiful home city.