My City Insights: Christine Friberg on Gothenburg

My City Insights: Christine Friberg on Gothenburg

An insider’s guide to the best food, sights and street styles of Sweden’s second-biggest city.

Street style: Christine Friberg having a bubble tea in Foridas, Gothenburg.

Anyone trying to find a label for Christine Friberg would have a pretty hard time settling on just one. The Swedish mother of two works as a fashion stylist, creative consultant, club promoter and DJ. Pretty eclectic, but so far, so straightforward. However, you can also add “activist” to her list of occupations. “I run an all-female/trans/non-binary club focused on lifting and highlighting female DJs and producers. For me it’s important to create a place where everyone can feel included and safe, and where everyone can be themselves,” she explains, adding that she hopes to achieve “a more equal scene in the electronic house and techno music.”

What ties it all together for Christine are her underlying values. “My work is very creative. I get to express what I stand for and my own beliefs by telling a story that can inspire others. Both in my fashion work and as a DJ, by being myself I can inspire others to do the same.”

Of course, her work, “a mix between art and craft,” doesn’t just inspire others, but requires her to be inspired in the first place. Luckily, she finds inspiration in the same places where she shares it. “I always get inspired by music, by my surroundings, and by others who go their own way and keep pushing forward.”

The Älvsborg Bridge over the Göta älv river in Gothenburg
Gothenburg with street style star Christine Friberg


According to Christine, Sweden’s second-biggest city belongs on everyone’s must-visit list. “Gothenburg is a beautiful and welcoming city, with lots of green and beautiful surroundings. It’s a harbor city with a fantastic archipelago. There’s also a strong focus on sustainability and a very open atmosphere. When I’m away, I really miss the fresh air and being so close to the sea.”

However, it’s not only about nature, but also “a city where you can see great diversity, with many creative people who love to collaborate and enjoy seeing the results of their work. It’s a city with a pulse and heart.”
As a DJ, Christine’s Gothenburg playlist would feature tracks by some of the many producers from the city’s music scene, like The Knife, Shakarchi & Stranéus, Genius of Time, Birds of Paradise, and Arkajo.

With this soundtrack in our ears, we join Christine on a trip around Gothenburg to discover the places where she finds the newest street styles, unique texture in music and new inspiration for her work.

Röda Sten for vegetarian brunch in Gothenburg
Christine Friberg’s Gothenburg highlights

Good morning: “I start my day at my favorite Italian coffee place, Bar Centro. You will find all of Gothenburg’s creatives with a coffee here in the morning. It’s also a great place to get inspired by street style, watching people walk by the cafe’s large window.”

Sun salute: “After breakfast, I head over to Hagabadet for a yoga class and to relax in the sauna.”

Lunchtime: “I meet a friend for vegan lunch at one of the food trucks you find all around town. At the Magasinsgatans, you can watch some of the city’s most stylish people order food on their lunch break. On a Sunday I would head over to Röda Sten for their fantastic vegetarian brunch – during the summer they have day parties with great DJs on their terrace.”

Shopping time: “Beyond Retro has a huge selection of vintage treasures.”
Chill out: “Trädgårdsföreningen is a huge public garden where you can walk around and gather your thoughts, lie on the grass in the summertime, and just enjoy the smells and the greenery. My favorite spot in any weather is the palm tree house.”

Sunset: “I love watching the sunset by the bridge in the docks at Röda Sten.”

Dance the night away: “For a nice get-together, I head to one of the small and friendly places like Kino, Boca-Boca or Studio HPKSM, where I love to dance to one of our great local DJs – when I’m not behind the decks myself. If you really want to feel texture in music, you have to attend an event organized by la fênetre sêcrete. They’re a group of fantastic people believing in the freedom of music and art, and the need to express our selves. They combine visual art, artwork, sculptures and light made by various different artists, with electronic dance music that’s selected by talented DJs. In one of their venues, there’s an open area which is probably my favorite part. There’s something magical about playing a set in the open air of nature, when the sun rises, and people are dancing their souls out in front of you. I love what they are spreading and sharing with everyone who wants to participate.”

As a creative consultant and fashion stylist, she finds inspiration in street style, club promoting and DJing. She also runs an all-female/trans/non-binary club focused on highlighting female DJs and producers. Take a trip to beautiful Gothenburg with @christinefriberg