Real Expert Talks – Ismérie, hair stylist

Real Expert Talks – Ismérie, hair stylist

Paris beauty, the salon experience and a whole new take on texture from the French stylist


If you are going for a hair appointment with Ismérie, you simply go “chez Ismérie.” The French hair stylist didn’t want her hair atelier to feel like a regular salon. Instead, she wanted her clients to come to “Ismérie’s place,” where they can relax, unwind and feel welcome. “I used to work for a big salon where you have a new client every 30 minutes and always have to be quick,” she explains. “I was fed up with the pressure, so when I decided to open my own place, I wanted the opposite. I wanted people to feel at home and I wanted them to have the time to express how they feel and what they want. For a while, I was working as a home hairdresser, and I really enjoyed going to the client’s house, where we could sit down for a drink, have a chat, relax, and enjoy the experience. When people are relaxed, they are more open and develop trust. I really wanted to keep this atmosphere and that friendliness. That’s why the salon is located in an apartment, so people from the street can’t see it and it doesn’t feel like being in a shop window.”

Texture artist, Ismérie’s atelier in Paris with beautiful art
What is Paris beauty for you?

How does this approach fit into Paris, the fashion capital known for high-maintenance couture and glamour? Ismérie points out that there is more than “one Paris” – and she just happens to cater to a subsection of the stylish population that craves the effortless style her atelier is known for creating. “I think you have a part of Paris that is more posh, but you also have a new kind of client, the BoBo – bourgeois bohemians. They are careful about what they buy, because they care about the environment, so products free from harmful ingredients are important to them.” And what defines the “Paris undone chic” look? According to Ismérie, “they want something effortless. Everywhere you go, there is a different definition of beauty for you and a different idea of beautiful hair. For a particular part of Paris, the style icons are definitely Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lou Doillon … women who look natural and effortless.” 

How does Ismérie achieve this elusive “French girl” look? “Our clients don’t want to look transformed after they visit us, they want to still feel like themselves and they want a style they can recreate at home. We try to follow the hair, not to fight it and make it different. At the beginning, we did normal blow-dries, but I realised that it wasn’t really delivering the results people wanted. Today we dry hair in a sort of old-fashioned way, which ironically delivers very modern results. We have hood dryers, like the ones you see in pictures from the 1950s, but of course a modern version. The result is loosely dried, everyday hair. And if you need a little bit of haircare or styling products to add texture, it’s still really easy for the client to recreate it at home.” 

Ismérie uses Authentic Beauty Concept on a guest’s hair
Ismérie’s authentic attitude, approach and “atelier apartment”


Obviously, her attitude to beauty, hairdressing and customer relationships make Ismérie the perfect advocate for Authentic Beauty Concept. The brand’s values, philosophy and ingredients align with the goals of her atelier and with the desires of her clients. The authentic experience they seek in her “atelier apartment” is reflected in the hair results achieved with Authentic Beauty Concept products. In fact, the philosophy behind both have one thing in common, as Ismérie puts it: “We try to change all the time, while staying faithful to ourselves and what we believe in. For example, we have different local artists that paint our walls every five to six months to create a refreshing atmosphere in the salon. The artists are free to paint what they want because I want them to feel free to express themselves.” Now that she and the team that works with her at the atelier have all joined, Ismérie looks forward to growing the #authenticbeautymovement. “That’s the beauty of social media and all the ways we have today of connecting with others. It’s easy to reach others, but people are also more demanding about what they share. I believe that we have already found the right people who share our beliefs and we will continue to add more like-minded people to the movement.” 

Ismérie invites us into her @atelier_ismerie, a beautiful space that feels more like home