Celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak discovered her calling when she was young. “I had experimented with my own hair, and some brave friends, starting around the age of 13,” Roszak says, noting that “it became apparent it was a passion.” Roszak then pursued her passion for hairstyling right away, enrolling in beauty school.

Roszak describes her schooling as “not glamorous, but it truly did prepare me for my license testing.” Mara’s career took off quickly and she was soon working with celebrity clients like Sarah Michelle Gellar. Today, her star-studded roster includes Cara Delevingne, Billie Eilish, Emma Stone, and Brie Larson—to name a few. Across Roszak’s portfolio, you’ll find everything from sleek shiny blowouts (see: Billie Eilish’s green-on-black Grammys look) to creative use of hair accessories, classic chignons, and intricate braids. 

When it comes to the secrets behind her success, she stresses the importance of being open to pportunities and being a good listener. “Being available in the beginning is important,” she explains, advising those starting out to “be open and say yes!” It paid off—to say the least. Secondly, “listening and paying attention to your surroundings and to the people around you! I learned SO much from just observing in the early days.”

Years later, her passion for hairstyling remains strong. “My baby! Touching hair! Interior design! I could spend most days playing around with these three things and be full of joy!” she exclaims.

Drawn to Authentic Beauty Concept and its mission to encourage everyone to be themselves, Roszak explains, “I feel it is crucial that as women, we learn to appreciate what is natural and true to ourselves, and that’s what Authentic Beauty Concept does, which I love.” Roszak strives to help women embrace authenticity when it comes to their hairstyles—and their lives at large. 

“Authenticity and honesty go hand in hand for me. I recently read a quote, ‘character is what you are in the dark,’ and it truly resonated. When we show up, as our true selves, removing the ego (not always easy) that is authenticity,” she says. 

As for how that translates to hair? “Authentic hair is timeless because it’s individual, it isn’t trend-focused. Authentic hair is focused on the individual, on what is natural and true.  Embracing the natural and authentic beauty will always stand the test of time.”

“I’m excited about what Authentic Beauty Concept represents. The messaging, the beautiful products, all of it. I love the aesthetic, the simplicity, and how thoughtful every element is,” she says. Her personal must-have is the Replenish Mask and her styling must-have is the Blow Dry Primer Spray. 



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